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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Shields First Grade Teacher

December 04, 2017
By Marketing Director

I have been a teacher since I was a young child. I laid my stuffed animals in a straight line on the floor, close enough to see my 3’X 4’ blackboard, which was fastened to my wall at about my eye level of forty-eight inches. I loved writing my name and spelling words like “dog, cat, and run.” I used to breathe in that clean smell of untouched white chalk!

When it was story time, my “students” would sit in a circle while I read exciting stories of Dick and Jane. I spoke with animation in my best teacher voice and captured the attention of my audience. Once-in-a-while, Froggy would need to sit in the corner. That is what discipline was like, in the old days.  After a few minutes, I would lovingly have a heart-to-heart talk with him, and bring him back to class just in time for hard math facts, like 1+1=2. He behaved much better after that talk and big hug; even if he did still wear the plastic pants that covered cloth diapers.

Now, I am a slightly older teacher at Achiever Christian School. Instead of writing on a blackboard with smooth cold chalk, I write on a large whiteboard with low-odor wipe-off markers. I still love teaching children how to write words, and in first grade, our words start out simple enough to build confidence in my precious little ones.

Story time is still dynamic! Captivating audiences is still a high priority for me! Instead of reading the books about a brother and sister, we have the latest Journey’s curriculum, filled with wonderful anthologies. Smart discipline, is sometimes needed, but with active learning, it is not an issue. During our math lessons, I often talk like “The Count” from Sesame Street. We become detectives looking to solve mysteries.

Yes, my teaching career continues to blossom, and I am still learning how to make a difference in the lives of my students and their families. Each year is a new adventure. To this day, when I stand in front of my whiteboard, I still think…”Wow! I’m a teacher!”

Kim Shields

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