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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Linda Preschool Teacher

February 13, 2018
By Marketing Director
Call Me Crazy?
When I tell people about, what I do for a living”, I am so surprised when they are shocked and say that I am “crazy”.  They are commenting on the fact that I am a preschool teacher.  I guess it might be a little crazy to be surrounded by a group of “little people” every day and enjoy it tremendously.
My name is Miss Linda and I would like to tell you about myself.  I have been teaching at Achiever Christian School for over 25 years, and the time has gone by so quickly. I guess that proves that if you love what you are doing, time flies and it never feels like work.  I have been married for 40 years and have two grown sons.  My recent joy this year is that I became a grandma, for the first time, to a sweet little boy… I am so in love with this little guy!!

I was introduced to this wonderful school because my oldest son attended the preschool.  I found it such a nurturing and loving environment that both my boys attended Achiever through sixth grade.  I had been working as a staff accountant for a Certified Public Accounting firm, but after I volunteered in my oldest son's preschool class, I discovered the joy of working with children.  (So much better than sitting behind a desk crunching numbers for various corporations.)  So, I quit my accounting job, went back to school, and received the proper education to teach preschoolers.  I have never looked back or been sorry for that decision!  Teaching is my passion and has remained so for these many years.  
However, I do need extra-intense relaxing time each weekend.  So, my husband and I take off on Friday nights for a little house in the woods.  We own a two bedroom “tiny house” in the woods. (I would call it a cabin but it looks more like a cottage.)  Such a relaxing place to go!  I return to school each Monday refreshed and ready to chase the little munchkins in my class.
I pray that you will enjoy reading this new blog and learn a bit about myself and my teaching friends at ACS.

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