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  Name Title Group
Chi Abraham-Igwe Abraham-Igwe, Chi Instructor
Becky Benanti Benanti, Becky Instructor
Merill Bojorquez Bojorquez, Merill Teacher
Linda Bremer Bremer, Linda Instructor
Michele Bunac Bunac, Michele Instructor
Christina Carter Carter, Christina Instructor
Marcelle Chapman Chapman, Marcelle Executive Assistant
Arica Clement Clement, Arica Elementary Registrar
Lindsay Commins Commins, Lindsay Student Life Staff
David Culley Culley, David Student Life Director
Kari Gale Gale, Kari Instructor
Alec Grubb Grubb, Alec Student Life Staff
Elizabeth Hazari Hazari, Elizabeth Instructor
Kristen Holguin Holguin, Kristen Instructor
Sarah Jimenez Jimenez, Sarah Director of Marketing & Communications
Jill Maultsby Maultsby, Jill Aide
Morgan Mornhinweg Mornhinweg, Morgan Student Life Staff
Marjorie Morris Morris, Marjorie Instructor
Mary Myers Myers, Mary Finance Manager
George Negrete Negrete, George Student Life Staff
Melissa Nunez Nunez, Melissa Aide
Carmen O'Harra O'Harra, Carmen Preschool Director
Stephanie O'harra O'harra, Stephanie Instructor
Emilse Perez Perez, Emilse Aide
Margarita Picado Picado, Margarita Instructor
Keith Powell Powell, Keith Student Life Staff
Claire Rickly Rickly, Claire Instructor
Tyler Rigg Rigg, Tyler Athletic Director
Katherine Sandoval Sandoval, Katherine Teacher
Elliot Sands Sands, Elliot Principal
Joy Satterstrom Satterstrom, Joy
Kim Shields Shields, Kim Instructor
Sheryl Sulse Sulse, Sheryl
Jessica Trumble Trumble, Jessica Instructor
Karen Walton Walton, Karen Instructor
Jeana Wildemuth Wildemuth, Jeana Instructor

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