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The Purpose of Chapel

Achiever is passionate about providing a Christ-centered environment for your children to learn, play, and grow in. As an outpouring of that passion we provide a weekly chapel for your children in addition to their daily Bible lessons. Chapel gives the children an opportunity to pray, learn about the heart of worship, sing songs to Jesus, and hear messages tailored to what is going on in their lives here on campus and in the world at the moment. Each week the entire elementary school gathers for chapel.

Some of the teaching tools we use in chapel that you could ask your child about and use at home:

The Purpose of Our School:

  • Building healthy relationships: First with God, then with people; its a battle of the mind; SOBS serve or be served; Luke 10:27
  • This reminds the children of what Jesus said was the most important part of our faith: Loving God, and then using His outpouring of love to love each-other. 

Acknowledge Me Please

  • This is the time we take to have the children greet each-other by looking their classmates in the eye, Giving them a "knuckle bump" and saying, "Good morning, its good to see you."

Body Soul Unity

  • We teach the children that preparing our soul for eternity is the most important thing we can do, but also remind them that our bodies are gifts from God that we want to treat well, and take care of by keeping them healthy and making good choices.

Sing, Clap, Kneel, Dance, Announce, Bow, Lift hands, Shout

  • These are some of the ways we can worship God and we want to remind the children that anything we do can be worship if we do it with an attitude of worship. 


Setting a foundation for following Jesus and pursuing excellence