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Spiritual & Academic


Reading & Phonics (primary grades)

These two subjects are crucial and foundational to all other subjects, and they are therefore a priority in all classes.

Language Arts/English

These subjects include spelling, grammar, writing, penmanship, and speech. Our goal is to teach children to express their thoughts in the best way possible and guide them in the creative use of written and oral expression.

Math & Science

These subjects are taught from a Christian worldview. Each subject is a study of certain aspects of God’s order and the logic of His universe. God is taught as being our creator and sustainer. Our weekly Science labs teach STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) projects integrating into their course studies.

History & Geography

History is the story of what man has done with the time God has gifted. Significance is given to our American heritage and our responsibilities in understanding and preserving it. Geography is the study of the earth as the home God gave to man.

Physical Education & Health

Both subjects are important, directly affecting the child in and out of the classroom. All grade levels receive physical education with the goal to teach the importance of keeping fit and building endurance. We stress proper nutrition, health, and physical skills development.


Our students’ education is expanded by the integration of music, art, computer concepts, and library classes. Our music department presents school-wide concerts once a year, and offers other specialized classes throughout the school year. Our enhancement classes teach self-expression, creativity, and technical skills, which encourage development and growth. Visit our Enhancement website for more information.


Spiritual (we want students...)

  • To know that they are special to God.
  • To know that God loves them and desire that they love Him.
  • To learn to obey God and His commandments.
  • To develop a Christ-like character.

Academic (we want students...)

  • To develop and expand learning skills and positive habits of the mind.
  • To enjoy exploring new concepts.
  • To gain a firm understanding of subjects at each class level within a Christian worldview.
  • To experience the satisfaction of completing our academic program successfully.

Physical (we want students...)

  • To improve stamina and develop physical coordination.
  • To learn basic sports and feel competent with P.E. equipment.
  • To enjoy exercising and being physical active.

Social and Emotional (we want students...)

  • To be successful and to feel good about themselves.
  • To be self-motivated.
  • To accept help and to learn to help others.
  • To work and play independently and with others.
  • To learn to respect others and those in authority.
  • To be sensitive to others and their feelings.
  • To love God and others.

Setting a foundation for following Jesus and pursuing excellence