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Table Talk

Weekly Table Talk Questions

Each week, Mr. Culley will send home a flyer with questions to encourage conversation about that day's Chapel talk.  Please take the time you have together whether during dinner, in the car or at bedtime to briefly discuss the questions.  We will keep all questions here on our website for your reference.


October 4th

  • What small part of the ship steers the ship?
  • How is a rudder like our tongue?
  • How can we use our tongue to honor each other?
  • How can we use our tongue to honor God?
  • What do the words we say reflect about what is in our heart?

    October 11th

  • What was wrong with Mr. Culley’s “Wisdom Pillow”?
  • What does the world say wisdom is like? (Like the pillow.)
  • Read James 3:13-18 together.
  • What is wisdom that comes from Heaven like?

    November 1st

  • What happned to Mr. Culley's 1,000 pounds of apples when he tried to eat them himself?
  • What should he have done with them?
  • Is there anything you have more of than you can use?

How can you give some of your extra to someone that doesn't have enough?

November 29th
The Book of Ecclesiastes

  • Why does the teacher in Ecclesiastes call so many things “Vapor?” (Usually translated as “meaningless” or “vanity.”) They seem so important, but aren’t as important as following God.
  • Does this mean we shouldn’t try our best at what we do? No, do your best and enjoy your favorite things, but remember that they won’t last like God.
  • Where should we find our identity? As followers of Jesus, who will never fade away like vapor.

December 6th
Emanuel: God With Us

  • When does God first promise salvation through Jesus? Genesis 3: 15. God already had a plan to save us from the darkness in our hearts.
  • Do we only hear about Jesus in the New Testament? No, Jesus is promised all through the Old Testament too. Abraham, Judah, David, and the prophets all get promises about the coming savior.
  • Why is Jesus’ birth so important? God Decided to become a person like us to save us! He is God with us!


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