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After School Programs

After School Programs

Session 1: October 9th-November 17th
Please complete the online registation form at the bottom of this page

Program- Basketball
Cost: $120 per class
Class Description: These sessions will focus on assisting the students in the development of their fundamental basketball skills. This will include drills and exercises that will help improve their skills in dribbling, shooting, passing, defending and rebounding.
Grades/Schedule: Friday- 3-6 graders, Wednesday- K-2
Lead by: Mr. Ben O’Harra
Bio: Ben O'Harra, is a certified personal fitness trainer and a physical education instructor.  In the past he was a coach for Achiever’s girls basketball team.
Supplies to Bring: water bottle and comfortable tennis shoes
Location: Lower Playground

Program- Hula
Cost: $240 (2 classes)
Class Description: Basic hula  
Grades: 3rd-6th
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Led by: Loida Bunac
Bio: Mrs. Bunac started a hula ministry at COTH in 2001 to 2011 teaching women and children. Mrs. Bunac and her husband participate in our annual 1st grade Luau, this year marks 16 years!
Supplies needed: leggings or shorts, some type of material wrap that can be tied around waist, grass skirt
Location:  Room 214 (Up at the Church)
**A recital show on  Thursday- Nov. 16th @ 5pm (Details to follow)
Mr. and Mrs. Bunac and their band

Program- Ukulele
Cost: $240 (2 classes)
Class Description: Introduction to playing Ukulele
Grades: 3rd-6th
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Led by: Cisco Bunac
Bio: Mr. & Mrs. Bunac participate in our annual 1st grade Luau, this year marks 16 years! They travel all over the bay area to put luau shows on.
Supplies needed: A real ukulele, Ukulele tuner (typical cost: Ukulele: $29.99, Tuner $15.00, Case: $19.99)  can be purchased at Guitar Showcase
Location: 210 (up at the church)
**A recital show on Thursday- Nov. 16th @ 5pm (Details to follow)

Program- Songwriting & Worship
Cost: $240 (2 classes)
Class Description:  Half the week, we will learn about what it means to be a worshipper, both musically on-stage and off-stage with lives of integrity.  We will learn and practice popular worship songs, and explore how to lead others in worship with our lives.  The other half of the week, students will learn to write their own lyrics and melodies, and present their songs to the class!
Grades: 3rd-6th
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Led by: Mrs. Frise
Bio: Olivia Frise is a professional composer, performer, and music educator in the Bay Area. She loves introducing music into the lives of young people, as youth is a time of rich creative discovery. Her years of fieldwork as a composer and performer only boost the experience she gives to her students. Having taught music for over a decade, Olivia engages and inspires her students to be their very best.
Supplies needed: Notebook and Pencil
Location: D3

Program- Extended Visual Arts: Painting
Cost: $260 (cost of supplies added)
Class Description:  Students will learn a variety of blending techniques as well as application technique and color mixing. All canvas, paints, are provided, however anyone who wishes are welcomed  to bring your own brushes. Smocks will be provided to protect your clothes. Students will learn how to paint a few acrylic paintings they can be proud of  to hang upon the wall.
(First painting- Beachscape, Autumn Trees, The Northern Lights)
Days:  Wednesday/Friday
Grades: 3rd- 6th
Led by: Mrs. Bunac
Supplies needed: none
Location: B3

Program:  Extended Visual Arts: Exploring Art
Cost: $160 (cost of supplies added)
Class Description: Students will explore the world of art by experimenting with different fun ways to make art. Students will splatter paint, spray paint and much more to create on of a kind pieces.
There will be crayon melting, jewelry making, tie dying, and lantern making.
Days: Thursday
Grades: Kindergarten - 2nd
Led by: Mrs. Bunac
Supplies Needed:  none
Location: B3

Program Details

Registration is open
Registration ends:  October 4th by 8pm
Payment: Payment will be taken from FACT account
Meeting Location for Classes:
All students will be picked up by their teacher in front of Mrs. Hazari’s class (room B1) and taken to their After School Class location.
Parent Pick Up Information:
Your child will either Be picked up after class or Attend Student Life
Pick Up location:  In front of Student life, except: Hula/Ukulele Class (Up @ the Church)
Parent will need to sign out once you have picked up your child
Late Pick up: After 4:35pm- Students will be taken to Student Life, charges will apply

If you have any questions please contact our: After School Program Coordinator-Mrs. Hazari

Please complete the registration from below.


Registration Form

Private Music Lessons

For private music lessons, please contact Olivia Frise

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Would you like to get 50% off your child's class? Sign up to be a parent volunteer! Email Mrs. Hazari to get more details.

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