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After School Programs

After School Programs

Session 2: January 16-March 2nd
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Program- Ballet

Day: Monday
Cost: $130 for the 5 week program
Class Description: Introduction to Classical Dance by means of basic barre exercises, stretches, leaps and turns.
Grades/Schedule: Kindergarten-6th, Monday (only 5 weeks)

Lead by: Francis West

Bio: I grew up in the Dutch Caribbean and started taking ballet classes when I was six years old.
On and off I have taught classical dance and I still do so at this time.  I have participated in many dance programs through the years and for the past 5 years I have been part of an Outreach team that travels around the Bay Area dancing in different Senior Homes. I also am part of a team that offers a dance workshop once a month at the Elmwood women’s jail.

Supplies to Bring: Ballet attire (leotard, tights and slippers)  is great but not mandatory. Students may wear socks, leggings and tops that are not too baggy instead. Long hair in bun or ponytail.

Location: 214 (Up @ the Church)
Recital to be held on Monday, February 26th.  Time to still be determined.
*Pick up will still be at Student Life.

Program- Basketball
Day: Tuesday
Cost: $140 for the 6 week program
Grades/Schedule: K-6, Tuesday

Class Description: These sessions will focus on assisting the students in the development of their fundamental basketball skills. This will include drills and exercises that will help improve their skills in dribbling, shooting, passing, defending, and rebounding.

Lead by: Mr. Ben O’Harra

Bio: Ben O'Harra, is a certified personal fitness trainer and a physical education instructor.  In the past he was a coached for Achiever’s girls basketball team.

Supplies to Bring: water bottle and comfortable tennis shoes
Location: Fellowship Hall (Church location)
*Students will still need to be picked up at Student Life

Program- Lego Cities

Day: Wednesday
Cost: $160 for the 6 week program
Grades/Schedule: Kindergarten-6th, Wednesday

Class Description: Calling all Master builders. We are looking for creative minds with great visualization to make amazing Lego creations. Students will explore the world of Legos. Students will create and build, a Lego world, full of  buildings, vehicles, and city dwellers. At the end of this 6 week program, the children will learn how to make Lego models from a plan, and also know how to make up their own creations from their own imagination.

Lead by: Mrs. Bunac & Mrs. Bojorquez

Bio: Mrs. Bunac Michele is teaching visual art to our elementary students K-6th grade. She has a passion for art and has a background in art education. She received her BA from San Jose State, and AA in Liberal Arts from West Valley Colleg. Mrs. Bojorquez joined the ACS team in 2015. Mrs. Bojorquez has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Supplies to Bring: none (all supplies provided)
Location: B3

Program- Mad Science

Day: Friday
Cost: $160 for the 6 week program
Grades/Schedule: Kindergarten-6th, Fridays

Class Description: Students will be able to do hands-on experiments.  The students will create their very own rock candy, explore eggshell Geode Crystals, and much more. 
Lead by: Mrs. Abraham-Igwe

Bio: Mrs. Chi Abraham-Igwe joined the ACS team in 2016.  She manages the science lab and also serves as a substitute teacher in her free time. She is the HR assistant for Church on the hill/Achiever Christian School. She and her husband of 19 years have three children, two who are ACS alumni and one in second grade.  

Supplies to Bring: none (all supplies provided)
Location: C3

Program Details


Registration is open: December 8th
Deadline for sign ups:  January 10th by 5pm

Payment will be taken from FACT account
Parent Pick Up Information:
Your child will either be picked up after class or Attend Student Life
Pick Up location:  In front of Student life
Parent will need to sign out once you have picked up your child
Late Pick up: After 4:35pm- Students will be taken to Student Life, charges will apply

If you have any questions please contact our: After School Program Coordinator-Mrs. Hazari

Please complete the registration from below.


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