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Enhancement Courses

Our students’ education is expanded by the integration of Spanish, performing arts, visual arts, technology and keyboarding, Physical Education and library classes.  Our enhancement classes teach self-expression, creativity, and technical skills, which encourage development and growth.

Courses and Descriptions

Performing Arts
Our Performing Arts department presents school-wide shows twice a year, parts small and large are given.  Allowing children to express their creative side and begin a passion for the live theater. Singing and dancing their hearts out, each show is memorable. 

Visual Arts
Visual Arts at ACS is designed for our children to learn the basics of art, by the end of the year each student will have an art portfolio to take home.

Technology and keyboarding prepares our children for the road ahead giving them a headstart in the vast world of technology.  Our program is designed for each grade using programs online that are fun and interactive.  It's one of our most loved classes by our students.

Our Spanish department at ACS focuses on teaching students the basics of the Spanish language. From Kindergarten to 6th grade, students’ knowledge of the language develops as the learning becomes more complex. The goal of the program is for students to learn skills so that they are able to hold basic Spanish conversation.

Library program allows student to learn the value of the visiting a library and checking out books that they will use in class.  Library is incorporated into their weekly schedule.

Physical Education
Our P.E. program curriculum is designed with the objective to teach all students to enjoy personal fitness, sports and team building skills.

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