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Jeana Wildemuth

Jeana Reed
Jeana Reed
Employed Since: 6/1/2002
16 Years Experience At School

Miss Jeana Wildemuth joined the Achiever team in 2005. In previous years Jeana has worked in our Student Life program, both as a counselor and Program Billing Coordinator, and also spent much time subbing in the ACS preschool.


Miss Jeana has completed her AA at West Valley College in Early Childhood Education. She is teaching the Junior Three’s and she also does the afternoon preschool student life.  Don’t forget to check her website.


Jeana attended Achiever Christian School, from preschool through third grade. She was homeschooled in fourth and fifth grade and then went to public middle and high school.


She also attends Church on the Hill where she is a leader in the junior high group. Jeana enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, taking road trips to visit family and going to concerts. She also enjoys being with her nephews and nieces.


A few things to remember about Jeana.

  • Her birthday is June 1st
  • Her favorite Starbucks drink is a latte
  • She enjoys gift cards to BJ’s, Cheesecake Factory, and Red Robin

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