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Welcome to Achiever Christian School!

 We live in an exciting place and time. Technology is moving forward at an amazing pace in this Silicon Valley that we call home. We live in the middle of one of the most exceptional regions in the world. Our children get to live in this technology driven, culturally diverse region and navigate all the joys and challenges that come with ir.  We want to provide a place for your children to grow up and experience an amazing education in a safe environment while understanding who Jesus is and what He has done for all of us.

As the parent of a teenager and two adult children, plus being the grandparent of three, I understand the importance of a great education in a Christian environment.  I have been involved in Christian Education for over 15 years, while taking on a more direct leadership role as Principal, in 2015. When I became Principal, I brought a Business and Marketing perspective to Achiever Christian School, while relying heavily on our amazing teaching staff to assure that the Jesus-centered academics remain high and continue to improve.  In the past years we have seen academic and enrollment growth, while focusing on Character Development and providing a safe environment physically, emotionally, educationally and spiritually.

At Achiever Christian School we strive to develop critical reasoning skills in students so they can compare the Christian worldview to what they are seeing from publishers, authors, teachers, coaches, media, entertainment and the world around them. Our academics, and robust enhancement classes provide a complete education that functions together to build the character and gifts uniquely inherent in each child. Our Preschool program lays a foundation in the social, emotional, physical and mental development, while our K-6 elementary school emphasizes 21st-century learning modalities with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  We want our students to be equipped with the tools necessary to be excellent in future pursuits. We desire our students to be curious and active learners who investigate, question, analyze and explore with their hands, their hearts and their minds. These things happen when experienced and inspired faculty lead willing students who are strongly supported by an engaged and caring community.

As we look to the future, we will continue to pursue excellence in academics and following Jesus.  We realize that life’s path is not a straight line, but as we journey together with your students and family we will continue to point toward Jesus.

We encourage you to learn more about Achiever Christian School and join our family. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 408.264.6789.