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Easy Year Round Fundraising!

Would you like to lower your tuition bill?   You can do all of this without spending a penny more than you already do!

Earning Power
This year families buying Scrip can reduce their tuition expense an average of $200. At the same time these families supported our school,  ALL WITHOUT SPENDING AN EXTRA DOLLAR! By simply planning ahead, you too can earn money with everyday purchases you already make. How much you earn depends on how much you buy using Scrip dollars.

What Do You Spend Each Month On Regular Household Expenses?
Groceries $400
Gas $200
Gifts and Misc. $400
Dining Out $ 150
Total: $1150/month x 12 = $13,800/yr

With an average retailer rebate of 3.5%, in one year you could reduce your tuition by over $200. Once the rebates earned from your Scrip purchases total $500, you will be eligible to split everything after that, 50/50 with ACS.  50% of any rebates over $500 can be applied to reduce tuition fees and the remaining 50% is applied to ACS.

Convenience of Online Ordering!
If you are new to the ACS Scrip program and have never purchased scrip, you can set up your new account at

Getting Started:

Create your free account at by clicking on the green ‘Sign Up’ box. 
Fill in the form and follow the simple registration instructions. Achiever’s code is: 143L12AA45371.

Sign up for PrestoPay
It can take a couple of days to get PrestoPay™ setup and approved – so don’t delay! (you can drop a check in the office while you sign up for PrestoPay.) Once your account has been confirmed, start shopping!

Add this page to your smartphone for easy access to your Scrip Wallet: 

Want to link your scrip account to a credit card?
ACS has partnered with Benefit as a fundraising solution. Benefit is a free iPhone or Android phone app that can be used to pay for your everyday purchases such as groceries, clothes, home goods, and more. You can pay on site at the store or online. Find more information in the app or at

For assistance setting up your account, questions about PrestoPay or placing your orders, contact our SCRIP Coordinator, Debbie Schembri