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For over 40 years Achiever Christian has provided a loving preschool as a ministry of Church on the Hill.  Our preschool is fully licensed by the state. We have a wonderful staff that has many years of experience working with children, and all have had a thorough background check and are First Aid and CPR certified.

We have four preschool classes offered in half- or full-day classes:  Junior 3’s, Older 3’s & Younger 4’s, Pre-Kindergarten, and Junior Kindergarten.  Children must be 2 years 9 months old before August and be “potty proficient.” We have small classes with plenty of one to one attention. 

Our unique facility is situated on a hill, with two different levels of campuses separating the elementary and preschool children.  Our preschool playground is tucked away, completely gated, and safe from "stranger danger." In addition to our playground, we provide a large area with a path where the children can ride tricycles.  We have a sandbox where the children can play daily, as well as a flower garden each class cares for. We have two-way mirrors in each classroom that allow parents observation opportunities without actually being in the classroom.  Each classroom has two private bathrooms that are not shared with other classrooms (which is wonderful for germ control and accessibility). 

Please call and make an appointment for a tour: 408-264-6789 x111 or send an email.